And a good green morning to ya!


January 14, 2010 by Sarah S.

My delicious spirulina smoothie from this morning

I haven’t yet decided whether or not I’m going to roll over the posts from my old blog to this one, but basically, after a week of taking pictures of everything I eat and posting it on said old blog, I’ve decided that I wanted a more substantial type of space, where I’m doing more than putting up pictures of my food. Not that I’m going to stop doing that, mind you! But I want to document the interesting evolution that seems to be happening to me right now.

You see, one week and a day ago I decided that I was done with NutriSystem (my most recent, and expensive, try at losing weight) and just stop eating like a jerk. I can definitely credit NS with making me want to eat more whole foods, because while on the plan I couldn’t add much besides fruits and veggies, and most of the entrees left me feeling a little… meh. I came across an old friend from high school’s blog, where she has the most beautiful pictures of healthy food I’d ever seen, along with recipes, and I basically drooled over things that would never have gotten me pepped up before. As far as eating goes, I loved crap. French fries, pasta in creamy sauces, bread, chocolate, cake, SUGAR in general, and booze. I took about two weeks off from NS for the holidays and guess what? The ENTIRE eight pounds I had lost in two months came galloping back in that short amount of time, and took up their previous residences in my butt, hips, and belly. Ugh.

To make matters even less cool, my wedding is literally right around the corner (April 17th) and my dream dress is due to arrive in late February. I can’t stand myself in pictures right now, so imagine how I’ll fare at the wedding? Bad. Basically thousands of dollars of pictures of me running away from the photographer. Probably catching my jiggly tuckus. No thank you. In addition, I have been sick with a cold for going on three weeks. That tells me that my body is just not healthy at all.

So, like I said, last week I decided to create a blog where I would take a picture of everything I put into my mouth, in the hopes of keeping myself honest. What actually ended up happening was an eating revolution that I dare not put any labels to. I can say this: in the past 8 days I have not eaten a single processed morsel of food, nor anything that originated with an animal. I have chowed down to my heart’s content on the most delicious food I’ve ever made in my own kitchen, and have been completely thrilled with how I feel. My skin is clearing up, my energy level is higher and steady, my mood is great, and guess what? I’ve lost 2 lbs. So yay for me, because this feels freakin’ awesome and I can’t even wait to get up each morning to try some other new and delicious recipe.

I’ve been hitting some blogs pretty frequently, and absolutely love them. Diana’s, of course, my friend from high school. Heather’s, Gina’s, and Lindsay’s. Lindsay’s blog, in particular, has helped me to really get into eating vegan, because her recipes are amazing. In addition, last week I won 4 E-Cookbooks off her site, and I’m pretty much glowing over those forever. 🙂

So that’s the story. It’s me, the dogs, and the hubs to be living in freeeeezing Massachusetts, super close to a Whole Foods, with a wedding just around the corner. The HTB (which is what I’ll be calling him) has left me for the night to go on a bizzyness trip, so today is my day to take too long doing stuff and get start on cleaning the house for my mother’s birthday party on Saturday. Little does she know all the yummy vegan treats coming her way…!


2 thoughts on “And a good green morning to ya!

  1. marisa says:

    you can do it girl!!!
    i have some cookbooks that have healthy stuff if you ever wanna look through them!

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