happy birthday mom!

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January 17, 2010 by Sarah S.

big glass of vino

Well, my guests have left and I’m in the big chair with a big glass of vino, catching the tail end of the Saints/Cardinals game — eagerly anticipating my Colts later!

edit: GO SAINTS!!! Haha. They won as I was writing this.

Despite my initial disappointment that my mother was not going to be staying the night (I had really gussied up my bedroom for her, with pretty flowers and whatnot), the visit went well. I started off the afternoon with a simple spread of appetizers to tide my mother and her friend over and until dinner was ready. Just a mix of baba ganoush, garlic hummus, and a medley of luscious olives from WF.

Of course the star of the afternoon was the bean and corn lasagna with avocado straight from my new favorite cookbook ever in the history of life, eat, drink & be vegan. It was seriously slammin’, and the cumin-cinnamon vinaigrette that dressed the simple salad was magnificent! Do you have this cookbook? You must get it, if not! That dressing is outrageous.

In case you’re wondering, that’s rice cheese on top of there, made by Galaxy, and it’s really good. It melted amazingly well. I’ve tried the mozzarella on my tortilla pizzas, but never the cheddar kind. Very good.

I bought some incredibly yummy looking chocolate cupcakes for my mother and her friend, but I couldn’t even take a picture of them. I didn’t eat ’em, so what’s the point? I was amazed at myself, actually, because I’ve never met a chocolate I didn’t like, especially paired with “cake.” I just didn’t eat it though. Instead, I munched on one of my raw chocolate chip cookies from yesterday and was quite satisfied.

I just realized that I took absolutely no pictures of people and all pictures of food. I’ll work on that.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Cheers!


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