You Crazy Mac… Crazy Delicious


January 17, 2010 by Sarah S.

Has anyone seen the commercials for McDonald’s new Big Mac Snack Wrap? Does anyone else think it’s a little creepy how these people are talking to their food in lovey-dovey voices? Now, don’t get me wrong, I really love Big Macs. But without the meat, ’cause I’m a little scared of the meat, but I love the special sauce, lettuce, onions, pickles, cheese on a sesame seed bun! Come on, though. So weird.

you cute little fatty, you

Anyhow, this morning afternoon I went on my first outside run since I got the swine flu back in November. Yes, that sucked. And still sucks! I don’t think it’s out of my system yet. Now, when I say run, I probably mean jog, because Lord knows I’m not really a runner — not yet. But I really want to be able to run, especially because when HTB and I travel, he goes on these awesome long runs around whatever city we’re in, and I can’t even begin to keep up, that makes me sad. So that’s my goal. I read about people on the bloggies that run like, 10 miles a every day, and honestly… I don’t see that. But my “route” is about 2 miles, and it’s what I measure myself against to track my progress. Today I was expecting a disaster, since it’s been so long and I’ve mostly been hitting the elliptical at the gym lately. But guess what! It wasn’t so bad. I made it all the way through the first mile (home to school), walked around the tennis court (which loops back onto my road route home) and managed to run a little over 3/4s of the way back. That was great. So tomorrow if the heatwave (aka 40 degrees) holds up, I will try my luck outside yet again.

Last night I managed to mess up my post with time stamps, and I don’t even care to start fiddling with it, so it’ll just stay how it is. I had never even heard of UTC – Universal Time Clock! Thanks to Scott for helping figure out that I’m in the -5 time zone. ???

Back to football. Go Vikings!!!

PS. Thank you, Chocolate Covered Katie, for a chance to win my the coveted VITAMIX!


8 thoughts on “You Crazy Mac… Crazy Delicious

  1. Amanda says:

    that is the weirdest commercial i’ve ever seen.

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