no more snow!


January 18, 2010 by Sarah S.

Seriously. The Boston area has been hit with so much snow! I’m sick of it! Ah! Look, my car is yet again getting covered in it!

I'm cold!

Hard to believe that yesterday it was sunny and 45 and I was jogging through the neighborhood. Ah well.

Since HTB surprised me by coming home last night instead of this morning, we had a whole day of US time! Yay! First, we dug ourselves out of the parking lot and trekked to the gym for a nice cardio blast. I upped my usual 30 minutes of cardio to 50, so that made me feel less guilty for the couch-potato action that was to follow.


Then I whipped up another one of those Bean, Corn and Avocado casseroles that I made for my mother on Saturday, since I still had all the ingredients. I added some chopped up chicken for HTB’s side of the casserole. It was super yummy. Definitely a keeper.

Then we caught up on last night’s 24, and IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! YAY JACK. I’m so excited!

Anyway, I’m reading up on raw food. It seems really intriguing to me. I’m not sure that I could support a 100% raw vegan diet, but it sounds good to imagine implementing at least one raw meal into my day. I think that’ll be my task for this coming week. Some great websites I’ve found are Choosing Raw and Gone Raw, which is a community of raw vegans chockfull of cool recipes and forums.

This upcoming weekend we are traveling down to Orlando (I’m meeting HTB’s daughter for the first time!) and it will be my first out of town trip since the dietary change. I’ve been making preparations to be sure that it’s as easy as possible for me to eat right, because Lord knows I can’t afford another “balls to the wall” vacation. I’m put us in a condo, so that we’ll have access to a kitchen, and the Whole Foods is literally 3 miles down the road — good, huh? I’m actually excited for the challenge. Obviously, I’ll keep you updated.

For those of you that had today off, I hope it was pleasant! Goodnight!


One thought on “no more snow!

  1. Definitely have a go at some raw stuff! I have loved playing with raw recipes, plus they make you feel great. Gena of Choosing Raw is a friend of mine and her recipes and advice are really top notch. go for it!

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