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January 27, 2010 by Sarah S.

I’m trying to get myself back into the school swing, and honestly, it’s going sloooowly. Meh! I woke up this morning and used up the last of my almond milk on a big ol’ green goddess, so the first stop was to Trader Joe’s to restock.

Yummy. It’s amazing how good the deals at Trader Joe’s can be. I am not yet out of almond butter, but had to restock that because it was literally $4 cheaper than at Whole Foods! Whole Foods: what up with that?! Anyhow, then I hit the gym even though I really really wanted to curl up on the couch and watch Wife Swap instead.

Lunch was my first raw creation (besides a salad). I peeled some zucchini into noodles, added some grated beets and carrots, and topped it off with a tahini dressing. It was good!

And then I proceeded to get some reading done for class. I figure I might as well try to start semester ahead! I also have one online class, Crime and Horror in Victorian Literature and Culture. Yes, I know it sounds super cool — it is! I’ve had the professor before so I knew he’d be awesome, and the reading list contains two of my all time faves, Wuthering Heights and Dracula, so I think this course at least will be a complete pleasure. My other two courses fulfill stupid science requirements, so I’m not exactly turning cartwheels over them, but because I am a dork, I am really gunning for good grades in ALL last three of my courses, so that I can graduate Magna Cum Laude!

Then I was hungry again, so I made myself a chocolate smoothie. Into this coco badboy went coco powder of course, almond milk, a little agave nectar and this green powder called Macro Greens. Have any of you heard of it? I have officially decided that I don’t like it. I mean, even chocolate couldn’t disguise the icksy taste. Anyone have a suggestion for a better tasting green supplement? I am loathe to finish this one, but darnit, I sure did spend money on it!

I also whipped up a little So Delicious coconut milk creamer (Ok, so it doesn’t really cream, but it frothed a little), and poured that on top. Yummy! Except for those Macro Greens… Grr.

Anyhow, dinner was another serving of… surprise!… raw zucchini pasta and the “vodka” sauce. I was hungry and gobbled it all up before I remembered about the picture. I added some nutritional yeast to the sauce too, for some added pizazz.

During Surrogates (our RedBox pick for the night) I munched on a piece of sprouted toast with almond butter and chocolate chips.

So good.

Goodnight all!


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