emotional eating


January 31, 2010 by Sarah S.

I’m a firm believer that if I was always happy I would never have developed any eating or weight issues. The fact is, when I’m cheerful, I just don’t overeat. In fact, I’m more careful about what I put into my mouth when I’m happy, because I care. However, when things go out of balance in my life, it’s like a switch is triggered and all I want to do is eat, eat, eat. That, of course, does absolutely nothing to fix the problem, and only lands me with another one — the guilt of eating all that junk in the first place. It’s a vicious cycle, and I know that I’m probably one of millions of women who deal with this type of issue every day. I’m thinking about this today because I’m having one of those emotionally low days, for whatever reason, and guess what my first thought was as soon as HTB left the house? Why don’t I go get myself that new McDonald’s Big Mac Snack Wrap? Honestly. And normally, I would just go ahead and do that, and more, and then hide the evidence and pretend to the world that I didn’t eat it — but the fact would still remain, that I did, and derailed whatever nutritional progress I had made. I’d feel really guilty about it, and either starve myself the next day or lapse into a week long binge that would end in a 2 lb weight gain and yet another wave of depression. Ugh. Tiring. So, instead of doing that today, I decided that I would let myself eat a little “bad” but still remain within my current dietary parameters.

First, I dug into another new product from Sukhi:

Matar tofu, a take on the traditional Matar Paneer (cheese). The package actually comes with its own little naan, but it’s not the vegan naan, so I subbed the vegan in. I toasted it up in the oven and it was very good, very reminiscent of naan from a restaurant. Here is the matar tofu:

As far as taste goes, it was quite yummy. It could have been a little spicier, but I think is just the right amount of spice to appeal to a wider selection of palates. If you love peas, this one is for you. The only thing I could say is that I wish there were more chunks of tofu in it. The tofu was so good, I was disappointed in only getting 2-3 pieces! So that was comfort food, take #1.

Take #2, was a dip into the genius that is Dreena Burton. I tried out her much loved Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. I had all the ingredients here, and the directions looked quite simple! I even had some Blackstrap Molasses languishing in my cupboard from the time I tried that Beyonce diet (FAIL). Take a looksy!

Look at all of those chocolatey goodness! Tell you what, those did my crazy little face good. And best of all, I didn’t go eat McDonald’s!

I’m finding that this new foray into veganism is filling me with a sense of pride in what I eat these days. I think it’s that pride that helped me to make a better decision today, pushing me away from doing something that would only make me feel awful tomorrow morning. On this coming Wednesday it will be my 1 month mark, and how ridiculous would it be to make it almost a month and ruin it with a gosh darn snack wrap?! Plus, my tummy always feels like crap after McDonald’s.

Dave Matthews is playing now, so I’m out. Goodnight all!

And Chloe says, “Just relax, momma!”


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