can YOU believe it’s february?


February 1, 2010 by Sarah S.

Good Morning everyone!

Okay, perhaps a little much? Especially considering yesterday’s emotional slumming? That’s alright, ’cause it’s my blog and we can definitely roll like that. February is typically the worst month for me out of the entire year. The days are freezing, it’s darkish, Valentine’s day is always a let down from my stereotypical, stylized ideal of what it ought to be, and I’m usually operating in stun-mode because I can’t believe January is over. Do you all listen to Dar Williams? She’s the queen of sad songs (imho) and she even has a whole song named February in honor of its depressing nature! Anyway, in anticipation of this impending gloom (and seeing how I’m still quite good at being gloomy, see: sunday’s post) I’ve decided to start adding two challenges for myself each week. This will give me a mission and hopefully, in the end, train me into some good habits. Here are this week’s challenges:

1 – Wake up at 7am each morning. This may seem silly to those of you who wake up at that time or earlier every day, but for this chica, that is like, heavy into REM sleep and that’s gotta change. When I wake up into double digits I automatically feel this overwhelming sense of “ohmigosh the day is almost over” and I move even slower. Whatever, it’s weird and has to stop. This week, in fact!

2 – Complete the Wedding Workout DVD each day + at least 30 minutes cardio on Monday, Weds, and Friday. This is pretty self-explanatory. Friday will be a challenge because we are hitting the airport at noonish. I may swap Friday for Thursday, depending on how things go. The point is, 3 sessions of cardio in addition to the DVD.

In addition to these two challenges, I’m going to work to incorporate more fruits and veggies + water in my daily rotation. Looking at last week’s eats shows an increase in bread, sugar, and nut butter and decrease in leafy greens and fruit. That’s not helpful to my wedding dress.

Here’s to a happy and healthful Monday to you all!


3 thoughts on “can YOU believe it’s february?

  1. Sounds like you suffer from that Seasonal Affective Disorder thing! It’s true, all the darkness makes it hard to keep on keepin’ on. Hope it doesn’t last for you. All the fruit and veggies should help! 😀

  2. mrssturgis says:

    I definitely do. I literally have to get creative with ways to keep myself rockin’ and rollin’.

  3. James Sturgis says:

    Wow! Thanks for the Valentine’s Day shout out. I guess I need to read your blogs more often. :-O

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