process of elimination


February 1, 2010 by Sarah S.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been careful to photograph everything I eat — even if it doesn’t make it into the bloggy — so that I can track what is working and what isn’t working. I’ve discovered a few interesting things.

  • uncooked coconut milk, like in a smoothie, upsets my stomach. coconut milk as an ingredient in a sauce is fine.
  • I’m most hungry in the afternoon, between the hours of 2-5.
  • Eating sugar makes me crave carbs.

I haven’t lost any weight, so that prompted me to look to last week and see what was going on. I basically found that I was eating a lot of bread (regardless of how healthy and sprouted it was) combined with nut butter and chocolate chips. Clearly the chocolate chips need to go. I was also using agave sweetener in my smoothies, and I think the sugar is definitely not helping me out. In addition, I’ve had a few processed goodies (i.e., the Indian food loot!) and I could tell those didn’t exactly settle well with my tummy. Since HTB is gone until Thursday, I have a few days during which I don’t really need to “cook” per say, so I’ve decided to eat as clean and simply as possible for this week and see if I realize any positive changes.

I’m switching to Truvia in the smoothies instead of agave, and tossing the chocolate chips. I’m also going to keep a list of my eats each day with an approximate calorie count, just to see how much I’ve been eating.

I started off today with a smoothie: papaya, almond milk, hemp protein, and 1 tsp coconut oil. I took a picture, but it was incredibly ugly and brown — I will save you from that. I did my Wedding Workout — today was lower body and cardio, and lemme tell ya… My legs are feeling those squats and lunges! For lunch, I had this:

Which was delicious. Sauteed mushrooms, black beans, corn, and crushed cashews atop a bed of quickly sauteed kale with red pepper flakes, topped with a few slices of avocado. I made a nice sized batch of this to munch on later. Just a little while ago I tried out my new purchase, Amazing Meal by Amazing Grass supplement powder. I was looking for something other than my hemp protein, to add variety, and this stuff, while $$$, has amazing ingredients like wheatgrass, brown rice protein, hemp, goji, acai, kale, in addition to much more. It’s also vegan and raw. Scoooore.

I made a very simple smoothie, with just almond milk and the powder, so I could get a good grasp on the taste. Over all, it’s drinkable. It’s not incredibly delicious as is, but has a good consistency and was very filling. Have any of you tried it before? Or in the chocolate flavor? I got a little sample packet of the chocolate to try out.

I’ve been suckin’ down the water and all in all, I feel very good today, very energetic. Unfortunately for me, I have to hole up here and read for my science class tomorrow. Sigh.

I hope everyone’s Monday is starting to wind down nicely!


4 thoughts on “process of elimination

  1. James Sturgis says:

    OH HONEY! Sounds like you have a challenge ahead of you, but it sounds like you’ve analyzed it sensibly and have developed a game plan. Good luck! Is there anything I can do?

  2. mrssturgis says:

    How do you feel about going to a vegan restaurant for V-day…? πŸ™‚

  3. Anna says:

    Eating sugar definitely makes me crave carbs too!

    I have the chocolate flavor of Amazing grass, but honestly I just like the regular, unflavored kind mixed with oj and a little pomegranate juice.

    I read your about section and saw that you’re going to grad school– are you going for creative writing? I finished my MFA in poetry about a year ago!

    • mrssturgis says:

      Hi Anna! Yes, I’m going for my MFA in creative writing. Where did you go to school? I applied to 3 schools and I’m basically freaking out on the inside while I wait to find out if anyone accepted me. πŸ™‚

      Eating is like a tightrope balancing act! Yikes!

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