now if only it weren’t so freeeeezing out!


February 2, 2010 by Sarah S.

Good morning everyone!

It’s been a while since I kicked off the morning with a cup of coffee, but since I’m doing that whole “early morning rise” thing, and it’s completely freezing, I couldn’t man up and make my smoothie yet. Definitely needed something hot. This morning’s roast is from New Orlean’s Cafe Du Monde (just like the mug says!) and is their proprietary blend of coffee and chicory. It honestly tastes better with a batch of hot beignets with tons of powdered sugar on top, but I suppose that is besides the point. Sigh.

My poor legs and bootay are sore from yesterday’s Wedding Workout, but not so sore that I can’t walk around and stuff. Not sure how I feel yet about waking up at 7am. To be completely honestly, I totally snoozed the alarm and woke up at 7:30am. But still, it’s kinda boring without HTB here. I would have liked to take the pups on a nice long walk upon rising, but neither of them wanted to stay outside longer than a quick pee (they are on their mommy’s old schedule still) so I’ll wait until they slowly crawl out of bed — yes, they are still in bed! — and then drag them out into the tundra.

My clean eating went pretty well until I went upstairs for Girl’s Night with my neighbors. See below:

I did a good job of not eating the various puff pastries and cheeses that were laying around, but I totally had two glasses of wine and noshed on some crackers and hummus, which wasn’t so bad, actually. When I woke up this morning, for a brief second, I thought it was either Friday or Saturday; I guess that’s what happens when you have Girl’s Night on a Monday!

Anyhow, another day of trackin’ the eats. I’ve also got more Darwin-ish reading to do for class tonight. We’re reading The Descent of Man, and honestly, I am finding it interesting in spite of myself. In chapter 5 I found myself going, “Okay, Mr. Darwin, you’re kinda makin’ some sense…” and by the end of chapter 5 I said, “Wow, could you be more self-righteous and racist?” I don’t think he could!

Yesterday I whipped up a quick tofu scramble, using my memories of the scramble that Happy Herbivore has in her e-cookbook (which I won, go me!).

I’ll post the recipe here. And I apologize for the lack of precision, I basically raided my spice cabinet and sprinkled in this and that until it tasted the way I wanted…

I topped mine with my favorite canned salsa from Trader Joe’s, Organic Roasted Tomatillo and Yellow Chili salsa. Delicious!

Well, I’m off. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “now if only it weren’t so freeeeezing out!

  1. Mayra says:

    So love this blog. You are a witty person with a great style

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