hump day!


February 3, 2010 by Sarah S.

So this morning I really really really did not want to do my Wedding Workout. I complained to myself a lot, wasted time on Twitter, chopped some kale — and then finally got to it. Yes, it hurt, but not as badly as I had anticipated. I think it helped to stretch out those muscles a bit. I would take a hot soak, but I tried that last night and it didn’t go so well. It seems our water heater isn’t getting the goods hot enough; it also seems our tub is too shallow for a good soak. Oy.

After my torture workout, I prepared a smoothie that truly did resemble sludge.

I’ve been missing my Green Goddesses of Spirulina lately, but I’m trying to limit my sugar and fat intake, and the deliciousness of those rest in the almond butter + agave. This sludgy fellow consisted of the following ingredients:

I had the coconut milk yogurt looking bored in the fridge, so I figured I’d put it to use. The orange chunks are,of course, papaya. This smoothie was a higher calorie one than my usual, since the yogurt itself has 150 calories and the Amazing Grass has 110. I think it probably ended up being around 285 calories. It was ok. I’m about to get on the Green Monster bandwagon and start shreddin’ some fresh green in my glass! Have you guys tried a Green Monster yet?

After cleaning the casa, I sat down to yet another big messy delicious lunch! Ah, this is so my favorite and now I’m all out of tofu. Good thing is, I can get that from the regular supermarket (boo!) so that eliminates any scary spending that could ensue with another trip to WF this week.

I am loving the addition of the organic sauerkraut! It’s not the most pretty of meals, but it just tastes so good and makes me feel even better. I squeezed a little fresh lemon on it too. Mmmmm.

I’m actually writing this post while listening to my online class — isn’t that so bad? Can you tell I’m addicted to my blog? Well, it’s my new baby, not even a month old… I’m allowed! Right? Right.

Side note: Funny story. I wrote a post with a title from that Big Mac Snack Wrap commercial. Since I did that, every single day I get hits from people searching that commercial! It makes me giggle, thinking of looking for something related to a Big Mac and finding a Vegan Healthy Living blog. 🙂 Well, thanks for checking me out, Big Mac lurkers!

Have a wonderful evening!


3 thoughts on “hump day!

  1. Megan says:

    I love green monsters! I tried Amazing Grass once, but it was too “earthy” tasting for me… have you tried using fresh greens in your smoothies? I love romaine or spinach, and I think the green-flavor is hidden by whatever fruit I use with it.

    So funny about the Big Mac lurkers… my friend tried one the other day, and it looked SO gross! His first bite was purely tortilla and special sauce… yuck!

    Good job at keeping up the workouts! 😀

  2. mrssturgis says:

    It is earthy!! I have a sample of the chocolate one and am hoping that is tastier. I’m sure gonna use up all the Amazing Grass I have though… with all the cashola I spent on it!

    I tried kale, which was gross because my blender won’t really break it down too much. However, I literally just bought a couple bags of spinach and tomorrow morning I’ll be blendin’ up a REAL green monster 🙂

    Thanks for checking out the blog!

  3. Sarah Jane says:


    Don’t give up on the spirulina yet, check out this article I found the other week:

    Great news if you’re trying to slim down for your wedding – when is it?

    I’ve been taking spirulina for years and I swear by it. Also I found that I lost weight when I drinking lots of decaf green tea and aloe vera juice throughout the day – it put me off alcohol and all the bad stuff as well which was a major help! 🙂

    Sarah Jane

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