the green monster cometh!


February 4, 2010 by Sarah S.

Here in Boston when you say “Green Monster” people automatically think Fenway Park — and they think about Fenway park a lot. However, Green Monster has now taken on a new meaning to me because I have finally made a real one!

And it was SO delicious. It even rivals my Green Goddess of Spirulina. In fact, actually, it surpasses it, because the nutritionals are far more pleasing. Here’s what I put in mine:


2 cups organic baby spinach

1 cup low fat almond milk

1/2 cup frozen papaya (approx)

1 tsp spirulina

dash agave

I could add some protein to make it more filling, but I will wait until my vanilla sun warrior arrives, because I don’t think my Hemp or Amazing Meal would taste yummy in it at all. It was super green because I added spirulina also, I like to think of it as filling up my energy bar, like on video games!

Anyhow, today has been pretty productive. I had a very healthy lunch of scrambled tofu, kale, and brussels sprouts, and totally knocked out the last day of my Wedding Workout. Week 1 = accomplished!

Here’s my lunchable:

I also found out that there is a Zumba studio litereally 2 miles from my front door (duh!) so I’ll be checking that out next week. The website advertises an amazing rate of $40/month for unlimited classes, and if it’s as much fun as everyone says it is… Then count me in! I think adding Zumba a couple times a week to my Wedding Workout will really amp things up. I’m still tracking all of my eats and feeling a very big sense of satisfaction with how healthy I’ve been eating, and how I haven’t “cheated” at all. I’m also loving how full of … vitality I feel! Nothing like clean burning fuel.

Anyhow, HTB got home this afternoon and we were able to spend  a little QT together. But now I have to go to school (sad face). However, when I get home we can FINALLY watch 24.



3 thoughts on “the green monster cometh!

  1. Jessica says:

    Yum! I adore Green Monsters, as well! Yours is gorgeous. Your recipe looks a lot like my usual, but I usually use blueberries instead of papaya & add some ground flax & sometimes a pitted date. I’ll have to try papaya!

  2. mrssturgis says:

    Oh yes! I forgot to write down the flax. I put a Tbsp of ground roasted flax in. Tasteee!! Papaya is so good 🙂 I’m addicted.

  3. Jenna says:

    I just came across your blog and I love reading it!
    I would love it if you could check out mine and follow 🙂

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