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February 5, 2010 by Sarah S.

So… we packed up, I gave my little babies to my neighbor for safe-keeping, and we made the trek to the airport. Three reasons why I hate American Airlines:

  • They suck
  • They suck
  • They suck

And, they always lose my bags and just hiked up their bag fee to $25, and they cancelled our flight to Puerto Rico this morning for NO DISCERNIBLE REASON. Plus they are sometimes really mean and don’t provide blankets. So instead of spending the weekend tasting our wedding food, picking an officiant, getting hair trials, etc., we’ll be here, cold. There is a silver lining though! We will be in no danger of missing the Superbowl! GO COLTS!!!

Anyhow, instead of going straight back home, we decided to take a stop off at our fave sushi joint, Fuji. Instead of going buck wild, I opted for green tea, steamed veggie dumplings, and their famous spicy tuna roll. I know the spicy tuna roll is a little off the radar for me, being both fish and containing mayo, but hey, I loves it.

When we got home, we went to work putting all of our wedding gifts (a few wonderfully early guests!) into the storage unit, as well as a bunch of other “junk” that I de-cluttered from the house. HTB was so very glad to have a clear hallway again.

This morning, I woke up at 7am, as I was supposed to, and did my Wedding Workout and made two big delicious Green Monster Goddesses, and promptly forgot to photograph them — but hey, you know what they look like, and I was bizzy! HTB had his first green drink today, and his first reaction was a weird face. But then he drank it. In his words, “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.” Then I asked him if he’d drink one every morning. “Um… I’ll drink it whenever you make it honey.” Guess who’s gonna be stocking up on the spinach? 🙂

We’re considering going to a movie tonight. The day feels kinda weird. We were supposed to be in Puerto Rico by now. HTB is going to hit the gym in a little while, and I’m thinking of trying out another DVD that I found in my collection:

That’s right! I think I bought this in high school, and I vaguely remember doing it. Should be interesting. Since we’re home this weekend, I’m also going to hit up the Zumba Beginner class at 9:30am — I’m really excited!

EDIT** I just got back from my first Zumba class, and signed up for the whole month! OH EM GEE!!! I freaking love it. It was like, hot booty shakin’ action for an hour with awesome music! Yes, I tripped over my feet and looked a fool, but it can only get better. So good. 🙂

Any big plans for the weekend? Anyone else watching the Superbowl?



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