sad and sauced up


February 8, 2010 by Sarah S.

So, my Colts lost last night and I drowned my sorrows in too many of these:

Pretty, right? I need to write on my hand, in permanent marker: vodka + sugar = death, every time I go out for a drinky time, because that combination does horrible things to my decision making, my memory, and my stomach. I’m not going to get into specifics on how ridiculous last night was, but it certainly was fun despite the sadness of watching Peyton throw an INTERCEPTION.

So today HTB woke up with Conjunctivitis and I woke up on the couch with no memory of how I got there. I then proceeded to make a Green Monster in the hopes that somehow that would “heal” me.

It looks kinda funny because I added some coconut oil to it. It didn’t cure me either. The thing is, my hangover cure is actually a really big Coke and McDonald’s — or any greasy type of carbo load food. It works. It’s tried and true. And it’s also SO BAD FOR ME. Or anyone! So I really really wish that I could figure out a healthy day-after remedy. Any thoughts?

Today was just a waste. Thank goodness I did my grocery shopping yesterday, because otherwise I’d be even further behind the power curve. My Sun Warrior finally came though!

Yay! And they even sent me a free sample of Chia Seeds, which I’m very excited about because I keep hearing about them all over the blogland and I’ve been meaning to purchase some. They also send me a sample of hemp protein and this interesting… deodorant for yogis? I dunno. It smells like sandalwood and is powder.

I’ve been pretty obsessed with tortilla pizzas and Frank’s hot sauce these days, so dinner was no exception.

My version of the Mexican Pizza! A tortilla smothered in tomato sauce and some nutritional yeast, black beans, and corn. Baked on 400 until everything was nice and warm, then broiled up into crispy goodness, then topped with avos and Frank’s, of course. Completely delicious. If you haven’t yet gotten on the tortilla pizza bandwagon, definitely put it on the to-do list!

So, me and HTB are about to crawl into bed and watch 24. Tomorrow I’m resuming my 7am wakeup and adding a new “to-do” for the week:

  • Zumba 4x a week!

No problemo, since I lurves it. Also going to continue with my Wedding Workout, except I’ll be moving it into the gym so that I can use heavier weights for toning (I have a 3 lb set here at home, which was fine for week 1 to ease into it, but I need at least 10 lbs for reals).

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll wake up in my bed and not feeling like death. Here’s to optimism!

Congrats to all you Saints fans (which was like, EVERYONE at the bar last night, boy did I get some flack)! Even though I wish the Colts could have pulled it off, I’m not hatin’!


2 thoughts on “sad and sauced up

  1. Isn’t it terrible how greasy food and soda seem like the BEST hangover cure? I don’t know why, but that’s totally how I feel, too! Lemons are supposed to be really alkalizing, so maybe drinking some lemon water first thing in the morning would help… I also just try to make sure I drink LOTS of water when I drink, so I’m hydrated when I go to bed. That almost always works!

    Have fun with the chia seeds!! I love chia pudding– my favorite recipe for it is on my blog. Yum, now I’m craving it! Enjoy!! 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    I don’t think there is any healthy hangover cure! It’d be nice, but I always need coffee & greasy hashbrowns, so I don’t have any tips. I don’t drink very often, so on the rare occasion where I wake up feeling hungover, I treat myself to a ridiculously greasy (and delicious) breakfast! 😉

    I have those chia seeds! LOVE THEM. They’re so good for raw chia seed pudding, and they’re amazing added to oatmeal. I’m having chia seed oatmeal for lunch today!

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