ch-ch-ch-chia! and a hot mess in the kitch


February 10, 2010 by Sarah S.

Why, yes, it appears that I have hopped on the Chia Seed bandwagon! As I mentioned a few days ago, I got a sample of chia seeds with my purchase of Sun Warrior, and today I decided to see what the hoopla was all about.

I mixed, my little pouch of seeds (maybe… 2 tbsps? ), into a small ramekin with the remains of a can of lite coconut milk, a little almond milk, 1/2 packet of stevia, and a dash of vanilla and cinnamon. Then I put it into the fridge and TRIED to distract myself doing other things while it set. But honestly, it just smelled so delicious. I was dying.

This is definitely one of those “make before bed” types of things, because while I’m sleeping I won’t be obsessing it over it. I think I could have let it set a little while longer, but either way… WOW. So delicious. Like a delicate tapioca pudding. And the creaminess of the coconut milk was perfection it. Now I can’t wait to 1) Win Heather’s Chia Seed giveaway or 2) save up some $$ to go buy myself some! It’s gonna have to wait until next week’s shopping, and I’ll be dying over it until then.

In other news, my Fed Ex package arrived, and look at the HOT MESS I have made:

Veggie carnage! Yes, it’s a gosh darn vegetable spiraler, and NO I cannot figure out how to make it work. I’ve gotten about 3/4 cup (see the small white bowl) full of lovely angel hair squashy noodles, and about a bucket load of mangled zukes. I’m very annoyed. Does anyone know how to use it? It’s the Benriner Cook Help, and Amazon told me it was superior to the Saldacco! And the instructions are purely in Japanese! So sad 😦

Don’t worry, I cleaned up. Not because I wanted to, but because it was the right thing to do.

I did have a foodgasm earlier, in the form of a simple baked potato all tricked out!

Into that pocket rocket went: black beans, guac, salsa, Earth Balance, and of course, the requisite sprinkle of nutritional yeast. I haven’t had a baked potato in SO FREAKIN’ LONG! It’s one of those “forbidden” foods, you know? I’m still working on getting those crazy diet rules out of my head. From Atkins to Weight Watches to Nutrisystem, to whatever, it’s like… there are so many things floating through my head about what I am and am not supposed to eat. However, I’m pretty sure that a baked potato is better for me than say, some reduced fat Oreos or something. Anyhow, twas delicious and filling and can’t wait to do it again.

So I hear NYC and CT are slammed with the snowbizzle, but here in the ‘burbs of Boston, all we have is freezing, gross, and ugly rain. I guess I am kind of complaining, because I’d much rather be sitting here watching white fluffy snow hit the ground, than this mess.

So, good luck to you peeps in the snow. Be careful!


3 thoughts on “ch-ch-ch-chia! and a hot mess in the kitch

  1. Glad you got to try chia! Miraculous, ain’t it? I highly recommend Kristen Suzanne’s Holiday Chia Pudding (just google that) because it’s FOODGASMIC and easy and was pretty much the first thing I tried with chia. Needless to say, still sold!

    As for the spiralizer, that is really unfortunate looking. I have no advice–your model doesn’t look anything like mine (Paderno World Cuisine I think…?), which works really well. If you were using the whole zucchini at once, maybe cut in half so it’s shorter and more stable while you’re cranking on it? Hmm.

    You are coming up with all kinds of new things up in here! Nice work. 🙂

  2. mrssturgis says:

    It’s a horrid torture device for zukes! I tried cutting them smaller, but it takes ’em and cracks ’em. Sadness. HTB’s gonna give it a crack, because he’s of the engineer persuasion. If not, well, boo to me.

    I will look up that recipe! I’m officially hooked on chia!

  3. I don’t have that same spiralizer, but mine is similar. Mine came with English instructions, and I was STILL confused. Now it’s super easy to use & I don’t know why I was so baffled at first – but this video helped me figure it out!

    The video isn’t the same model of spiralizer as yours (or mine!), but maybe it will help you figure out how to set up the zucchini & spiralize effectively? Good luck!

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