30 day shred?


February 11, 2010 by Sarah S.

Since there’s no Zumba class this morning (sadness) I’m perusing the exercise selections on Comcast and came across Jillian Michael’s 30 day Shred, 1. I have it playing now to see what’s the dilly, because while the Wedding Workout is cool, I feel like it just isn’t “active” enough for my current fitness level. It was nice to get me back into the swing of things, but it’s not challenging enough. Do any of you like Jillian Michael’s workouts?

Last night was funny. HTB and I were cuddling up in the big chair watching Couples Retreat, when the power hiccuped a  couple times and then completely went out. The wind was crazy last night, and we got really wet, nasty snow. When the power goes out, this beeping sound in the main condo hallways go on, and basically doesn’t stop until the power comes back on — weird. Well, after lighting candles, we ventured out into the hall, where it was a neighborhood block party! All in jammies, with our puppies 🙂 It was cute. We borrowed a bottle of vino from one of our neighbors and went home and played cards with Marisa until the power came back on.

Now it’s cold and snowy out. Yick. I was so hoping that it would snow all day today and cancel my class, but no such luck.


Seriously. Ever since I changed my diet and pumped up the workouts, I’ve gained about 2-3 pounds and the scale won’t budge. I know, I know… the scale doesn’t tell the whole story, your body is recompositioning itself, etc. It just really depresses me, like, a little. Because I’m really going at it, and the results aren’t rolling on in. It’s been over a month now with the eating plan, and about 2 weeks with the steady exercise. I’m clocking my calories in at about 1200 a day. And it’s not like my clothes are fitting looser anymore. What gives??

I just have to tell myself every single day not to give up on it, because that’s what 2009 Sarah would have done, and has done a lot. It’s just one of those days where I need to remind myself that yes, I’m doing this to lose weight for the wedding, but it’s also a lifestyle plan. I need to focus on all the cool things I’m learning and experimenting with, and less on the gosh darn souls-sucking scale. I know.

Well, I’ve got a ton of school work to do, so I’m going to hide my computer for a few hours and get on that.

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “30 day shred?

  1. I love Jillian’s workouts! 30 Day Shred is one of my favorites– I even got my husband to try it! He thought it was hard! 😉

    I know how frustrating weight loss can be! I’m in the same boat! First off, I’m pretty sure 1200 calories is too low to lose weight! I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but if you eat too little, your body will not release weight– least of all fat! If you must count calories, try figuring out what your resting metabolism is. I use a body fat monitoring scale at home, which measures this for me, but you can probably find a calculator online that could give you a rough estimate, too. For me, my resting metabolism is around 1450. So if I do not leave my bed for the entire day, that’s how many calories my body will burn just by keeping my organs functioning! See why you need to eat more than 1200? Once you have that number figured out, make sure you eat at least that many calories each day.

    Also, contrary to popular belief, weight loss is not just simple math! Certain foods leave the body easier than others. (we know 100 calories of a Twinkie does not leave the body as easily as 100 calories of an apple!) We already talked about food combining, and that really helps. There are also certain foods that can slow down weight loss in women– esp. grains and cow’s dairy. I highly recommend reading the book “Detox 4 Women” if you want a good program to follow.

    I’m starting a raw food challenge on Monday if you want to join me! I’m not sure if I will be going “all raw” or not, but I will be at least “high raw.” In the past, I have lost a LOT of weight from raw food– it’s a miracle worker! My husband is going to be gone for 6 weeks, so I want to “wow” him when he gets home! 🙂

    Sorry for the novel! Hope that helps!


  2. shannonmarie says:

    I used to do Jillian’s workouts, until I got bored of them. I always have to change things up. Now I do a rotation of cardio, Pilates and yoga. I especially like the Bollywood workout OnDemand right now in my area, as well as a Pilates one that has the trainer from one of my old MTV workouts. I don’t remember her name at the moment. My current fave is Tracy Anderson, which provides awesome results.

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