v-day gift and horrible slushy nightmares


February 16, 2010 by Sarah S.

First of all, here is what HTB got me for V-day:

a 12.5 cup food processor! I know, it’s hysterical to me too that I get excited over kitchen appliances these days… who knew? I thought we had agreed that we weren’t spending $$ on gifts this year for V-day, so I was really surprised by it. Especially because it was so thoughtful. He reads the blog 🙂

Anyhow, but here’s the little dilemma: We have very limited counter space. Like, I mean, I keep my blender, which I use every day, on top of the fridge. The other two “counter spots” are taken up on the coffee maker, microwave, and a little spice rack. The food processor is HUGE, and I’d have to remove one of those two items to put it on the counter. In terms of appliances I really need right now, I think food processor is third in line behind a Vitamix (duh) and a portable pocket rocket type of blender for traveling. I am strongly considering exchanging the food processor for a Magic Bullet. What do you guys think of that appliance, assuming you have any experience with it? We’re going to PR this weekend for wedding stuff, four days, and I’d really love to have my smoothies every morning to keep myself somewhat on track and healthy while away from home.

In other news, I think the blizzard that kinda missed us last week has finally arrived. It’s freakin’ disgusting out there! I’m SO glad that I have my cute little Sportos.

They kept my feetsies warm and dry as I trudged through about 3-4 inches of nasty brown slush that is Harvard Yard. Grossness. Unfortunately, I didn’t dress the rest of my body as appropriately. Somehow I decided that leaving the house in just a sweater and a polar fleece was a good idea. I don’t know why I thought this. I should have at least put on a shell jacket to keep the water out! I was SO cold tonight! I wonder if it was being cold that made me so ravenous.

I just want to eat everything. Since getting on the train I’ve already had a Kind bar, a green smoothie, a green tea, and a panini from the ‘Bux. I’m guessing that just means my body needs it!

Okay, also one more cool thing before I snuggle up with some tea and get back to Wuthering Heights (because it’s gotten good to me 🙂

Yay! My heart rate monitor came! I simply cannot wait to test it out at Zumba tomorrow morning. Finger’s crossed that it’s a good burn. I know Gina has one of these — do any of you? If so, do you like it? I’m already in love with how cute it is, and it was a snap to set up.

Goodnight all! Stay warm!


One thought on “v-day gift and horrible slushy nightmares

  1. What a sweet gift! It’s a struggle finding room for big kitchen appliances, though, isn’t it?! My nice food processor is actually in my parents’ basement right now, because it didn’t fit in the car when we moved to CA! Oh, well… I’ve managed so far without it.

    I’ve heard the Tribest personal blender is supposed to be really good, and it’s BPA-free! I think it’s similar to a magic bullet, but I don’t know for sure since I haven’t tried either!

    A Vita-Mix is still at the top of my list for kitchen appliances, too… we registered for one before our wedding, but have yet to get it. *sigh*

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