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February 18, 2010 by Sarah S.

Ever seen/read this?

I bought it a couple years ago and it’s been languishing on my bookshelf ever since. Why? Because, shockingly, the book basically says you must be vegan to be skinny and healthy, and well, I wasn’t going to be vegan at that time. I thought of it this morning because now that I am eating vegan, I wondered if it would contain any tips that might help me shed these pounds that seem to love me so much. I brought it with me to the gym, along with my cute heart rate monitor, and basically read the whole thing in 30 minutes while on the elliptical (not the densest read).

Nutritionally, I think the information is mostly sound. The book basically has a bitchy tone and the authors (bitches) love to cuss you out for being a fat, lazy, flesh-eating jerk, if you don’t shape up. I don’t like that, I have to be honest, but I can see how the “gimmick” is fashioned to work. I prefer a kinder, gentler approach. It’s all kind of sensationalist. One thing that was completely absent from the book was the idea of “calories in vs. calories out” that seems to be the prevailing method of actually losing weight. And that was the first hint to me that the “Skinny Bitch Diet” is not actually a weight-loss manual, but rather a book of opinions on animal cruelty and the lack of morals within the FDA. It’s masquerading as a diet book so that it doesn’t get tossed to the back of the pile. I get this. It’s smart. The concept of losing weight in this book is described as a by-product of eating the vegan way. I take that with a grain of salt. I’ve been eating vegan for a month and a half and I’m not wasting away, like the authors say I will. I cut out dairy, and I haven’t been “pissing my pants” over how much that one change has made in my waistline.

They have some pretty graphic descriptions of the cruelty endured by animals in slaughterhouses, and I really did have to skip through some of those pages, because I cry easily, and I didn’t want to be crying on the elliptical. It brought me back to my Animal Rights class in college all over again.

Anyway, no help from the Skinny Bitch. I might check out their website though. They have a 30 day menu plan as well, all the way in the back, but honestly… It’s pretty much what I do now anyway!

Have you read this book? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


So, on to the heart rate monitor, that little bastard! Yesterday during Zumba, I didn’t get an accurate reading because I didn’t “wet the nodes” nor did I set up the heart rate parameters correctly. Therefore every now and again the darn thing would read 0 as a heart rate. Even so, by the end of class it had clocked 410 calories burned. Pretty good, especially considering I was technically dead through part of class. I’ll try again next week, as I won’t be able to take another Zumba class till then.

This morning, I only burned 200 calories on the elliptical in 30 minutes. I kept myself in the moderate zone the entire time, though, between 135 – 154. This is good to know. I’m officially in love/hate with my heart rate monitor.

I’ve got a lot to get done today in preparation for our departure to beautiful, sunny, Puerto Rico tomorrow! Don’t hate, playa! So I’ll be leaving you now. Have a wonderful day!


6 thoughts on “skinny bitch

  1. Skinny Bitch is the book that prompted me try veganism. My in-laws are vegan, so I already was pretty familiar with it, but the graphic nature of the book was what finally did me in! One thing I don’t like about the book, is that they promote eating fake meat and soy substitutes for dairy. I don’t think processed soy products are very healthy, so I don’t really respect books that tout them as a “health food.” I did lose weight when I tried their concept of eating fruit for breakfast and a salad for lunch, but I realized that those are the similar to the concepts of Natalia Rose (author of the Raw Food Detox Diet) and her books explain things MUCH BETTER!

    I discussed Natalia’s latest book on my blog today, so you should check it out if you’re interested. Have fun in Puerto Rico!!

  2. mrssturgis says:

    I’ll definitely look into that book. In fact, I may pick it up today for plane reading! I agree with you on the processed stuff. They freak out over splenda, but push the soy products. Also, I think it would have been important for them to note, in more than a 1 sentence blurb, that soy, for the most part, is HIGHLY processed, and some people are quite intolerant of it. It’s definitely not a good idea to just sub out your meat with soy. But hey, compared to some the crap I used to shovel in, processed soy is like manna 🙂

  3. Anna says:

    Have a great trip!!!! I’m super jealous!

  4. sophia says:

    I’ve read the book before. Several times, actually. It kind of just fueled my eating disorder. I shunned all things dairy for months. I even did a presentation on it in my communications class. Since THEY are bitchy about it, I’ll be bitchy and say I think it’s a complete bullshit. Okay, some of what they say makes sense, but I’m not going to live my life condemning others for eating meat, or shun meat and miss out on my beloved hamburgers. Life isn’t about eating “perfect” food all the time. So what if I drink diet soda. I still have clear skin, and I’m not dying.

    By the way, the reason they are so bitchy is because they are too skinny, and they secretly desire bacon. So there!

    Hm, that is bitchy enough, huh? 😉

  5. mrssturgis says:

    LOL… well said. It’s a harsh book and really the correct medium for what its trying to do — which is basically a anti-meat manifesto. Those bitches. I was looking for weightloss advice.

  6. Sure I’ve heard of this book but I’ve read enough reviews (on and off blogs) to feel like I’ve read the book itself! Therefore no intention to actually read it – I can pretty much tell I wouldn’t agree with it much. I agree with Megan – Natalia Rose might steer you better, while along similar lines. Please do not get caught up in the orthodoxy of it though. Take the meal/eating pattern ideas for what they’re worth, but it’s easy to get obsessed with that style of eating, and that’s the last thing you need.

    And for my skinny-bitchiest comment, Ms. Rose is not necessarily known for being without her own unhealthy habits, let’s just say that.

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