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February 25, 2010 by Sarah S.

I’m so depressed. 😦

I hate being sick so much and it seems like I get so often these days! I’m wondering if it’s because of the swine flu I caught back in November. It’s just awful though, because I am in really serious time crunch and literally have no energy. Just moving from the bedroom to the kitchen is a workout for me.

Oh well. I keep drinking these:

In the hopes that all that veggie-goodness will fix me up. I’m really hoping that by tomorrow I feel well enough to at least hit the elliptical for 30 minutes or so. I was such a workout FIEND last week, that this lack of movement is making me feel crazy. I miss Zumba!

Back to our PR trip. It was horrible weather from Friday to Sunday. And most of Monday. We were supposed to get home Monday night, but because we are ridiculous, we missed our flight — not because we were rushing, mind you, because I particularly remember lounging about on the boardwalk in Old San Juan with HTB, sipping coffee and watching the cruise ship people — but rather, because we had a fake time for our flight in our head. Whoops.

So we got to the airport and were told: That flight left an hour ago. And of course, being American Airlines (sorry to those of you who may work for them or have family who do), they SUCKED and wouldn’t help us. Unless you call help, offering us $800/per person tickets on a plane to Hartford. “That’s close to Boston, no?” they asked us, with a straight face. Sure it is. Just like Cuba is close to Puerto Rico. WTF. So, we left the ticket counter and went to the airport hotel, where we snuck into the business center and tried to find a cheaper way off the island. We did, for Tuesday, though it did dent our wallets. Lesson learned: check your flight times. With as much as HTB and I travel, it’s kind of unreal that we’d make such a mistake, but whatever… done is done. One nice thing that ended up happening, is that we stayed at our favorite San Juan hotel, the Marriott Courtyard Isla Verde, which is situated on a beautiful beach. Tuesday was gorgeous, of course, so we did have a few hours of island beautifulness.

San Juan Left

San Juan Right

The wedding prep went well. I loved my hair, and my make up was a bit heavy-handed, so I think I’m going to stick with doing it myself.

I’m going to highlight the hair a bit, so that the cool hairstyle can be seen more. I wanted a sort of “Old Hollywood meets Flamenco” type of thing, but not too overdone. I think she did good.

Next week is my first dress fitting, so that should be interesting! I’ve decided to do the fittings in NY where I bought the dress, because I’m afraid of using a place that I am not familiar with — I don’t want them to ruin the dress! It’s crazy to think the wedding is in only 51 days. It’s really coming up quickly!

I’ve got to really try to focus my mind on school though, because I have a few big papers that have to be written before we hit PR again.

Well, I’m completely exhausted again, so I’m going to go curl up on the couch for a while.


4 thoughts on “snotty snotty

  1. Oh, I love the hair and makeup trial! You look so pretty!

    I remember my first makeup trial– I wanted to go and hide because I felt SO made-up! They said it should be that heavy for photos, but I decided I was “okay” with the idea that I might look a little pale in photos, if it meant that I didn’t look like a clown in person on my wedding day! I still stand by my decision, too!

    Hope you get better, soon! Just keep up the fresh fruits and veggies, and you’ll be golden! I find that taking a WHOLE day of rest– sitting and laying down as much as possible for a whole day– does my body a world of good when I’m sick!

  2. Katie says:

    You should be drinking lemon/ginger/cayenne shots! Fresh squeezed lemon, freshly (finely) grated ginger, and some sprinkles of cayenne stirred up and down the hatch. 🙂

  3. amsterwill83 says:

    Oooh love the hair!! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Heather says:

    Glad you found my blog! Your hair looks amazing like that!

    I look forward to reading more on your blog.

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