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March 4, 2010 by Sarah S.

Good morning! It’s snowing here again, which isn’t really much of an event at all!

As you may have assumed, I practically jumped the Fed-Ex guy when he arrived yesterday, FINALLY, with my Pure Market Express order. I was dying of excitement. Dying! And also hungry, having only had a greed goddess and carrots to tide me over until 1pm, when the package finally arrived. I ordered an entire week’s worth of food, which is just like me, because I tend to just jump right into things instead of testing the waters first. Plus, the reviews have been stellar. I’ve only tasted a few items so far, and here they are, with their respective critiques.

Jalepeno Poppers

These are a favorite on the website. Raw jalepenos stuffed with cashew cheese and topped with crispy eggplant bacon. At first I really liked them, but after the first two, they felt WAY too rich and overwhelming, the bacon a little too salty as well. I found that by reducing the “cheese” mix in the popper, it made them more tasty for me. Would I order these again? Probably not.

Donut Hole!

This was enjoyable. I was worried when I heard that they were sending me donut holes, that I might binge on them, but no worries here — they are VERY rich. One was all I could do. They have a slightly crisp outer layer, but are made primarily from nut pulp — hence the richness. Not bad!

Cinnamon Rolls!

So far, my favorite thing! They actually taste like dense cinnamon buns, and that frosting is AMAZING. They are quite thick, so I sliced them in half so they are more like 1.5 inches in thickness as opposed to 3. Again, nuts and dates, so they are rich.

Spanish Rice & Mexi Chips

I don’t know if perhaps my palate is just not used to this type of food, or what, but I didn’t really care for the flavors of this dish. The chips were crisp, but had a bit of an aftertaste. And again, I found the “rice” really dense, also with a bit of an aftertaste. I put it atop a bed of mixed greens, and that was a good move because it “cut” the flavor a little so it wasn’t as overwhelming. I didn’t love it though! Nor could I finish it. 😦

So, mind you, I have about 6 more days of food to go. And a lot of things to try, because I didn’t get two of anything. Clearly, I’ll keep you updated. I did have this crazy idea of ordering PME foods until the wedding, as a way to just get these pounds off and stay healthy, but I’ve changed my mind. Why? Well, first of all, it’s damn expensive. So expensive, in fact, that I could just go out and get my Vita Mix instead. Secondly, I’m already craving other foods. I want big salads, chopped fruits, fresh juices, etc. I’m craving them. But I’m not about to go hit the store when I’ve got a week’s supply of food sitting here prepared for me!

Before I finish talking about PME, I do want to say a word about their customer service. I emailed Rebecca Irey A LOT and she has responded to each and every message, thoroughly and helpfully. I appreciated that a lot, because it’s so rare to really have a great customer service experience.

So, moving along… tonight is my very first Colonic Hydrotherapy. Natalia Rose’s book, The Raw Food Detox Diet, has got me obsessed with #2, haha. I mean, she just talks about it so much and it does make sense… That until you get the crap out, the good stuff isn’t going to be able to do its job. I haven’t felt good in the tummy since Puerto Rico, which has really sucked. Before PR, I was feeling GREAT in that department. I feel like a jerk for messing that up. 😦 Because HTB is so romantic, he is treating me to my first session (Love you honey!) and thus I will be trekking to the “spa” right after class this evening. I’ll update you in a roundabout way tomorrow, perhaps.

I’m very excited for this weekend! Tomorrow is my dress fitting and Saturday I’m spending QT with the familia. It’s gonna be a girl’s weekend, just me and Chloe are traveling. She’s all ready! She’s very excited because Gabriella said she can attend the dress fitting 🙂

She rarely gets to travel with me in the purse, because her brother is psycho and NOT a bag puppy, nor can he handle staying at home alone without her, so… she ends up getting the short end of the stick. However, since HTB is going to be home this weekend, Sammy is gonna hang with his dad.

Also exciting, my mother is going to let me borrow her juicer for a month or so (or until someone springs for that Breville Beauty off my registry…hint…hint…) so that I can start juicing finally! Woot woot!

Happy Thursday everyone! It’s ALMOST the weekend!


4 thoughts on “pure market express

  1. Jessica says:

    How was your colonic, if I may be so nosy?! I have been curious about them, too, since reading that Natalia Rose book, but I’m scurrred.

    I am surprised you didn’t love those jalapeno poppers! I guess I’ve never had more than two at one sitting, but my boyfriend & I FLIPPED OUT over how good they are!

    I am looking forward to hearing more PME reviews. I like everything I’ve tried from them so far, but the only thing you’ve written about that I’ve tried are those poppers. I hope you like the rest of your food better!

  2. That’s so nice of your mom to let you borrow her juicer! I love that my mom has one, too, so that when I’m traveling for work in Kansas, my juicing doesn’t get disrupted! I seriously think having fresh juice for breakfast is the BEST habit you can get into!

    So sweet of you HTB to spring for your colonic, too! I think my husband tries to tune me out when I talk about getting one– ha ha. 😉

    Good luck tonight!

  3. Oh man, can’t wait to hear about the colonic and your dress fitting (welcome to NYC, btw!). Glad you’re enjoying the Raw Detox book, but beware of getting caught up in orthodoxy! Find a place where it works for you. Ain’t no one gonna be hatin’ if you don’t take her up on EVERY idea. 🙂

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