wedding dress weekend!


March 8, 2010 by Sarah S.

Hello Bloggies! It’s been so long!

I thought that I’d be able to squeeze in a post this weekend while I was at my mother’s but no such luck. I was pretty much running the second I arrived! It was me and Chloe this weekend, Sam and HTB hung out at the crib.

Me and Chloe at my dress fitting

Sorry peeps, that’s all you’re gonna see of the dress! Can’t run the risk of HTB seeing it, you know. Chloe had a grand time, parading around in my purse and having people fawn over her. I don’t think she missed her brother at all! Shameless šŸ™‚

After the dress fitting, we went to Angelica Kitchen, my favorite restaurant ever! I truly wish I lived closer. I used to go there all the time in high school, even before I was into clean eating/boycotting the animal products. Since it’s BYOB, we brought a couple bottles and had ourselves a fiesta! The eats, of course. Apologize for the picture quality, the lighting was dim so the flash kinda overdid itself.

delicious kombu veggie broth, to start

hummus + pita and veggies for the table

my sister's cornbread

my Dragon bowl, with soba noodles instead of rice(kale, sweet potato, beans + soba sensation sauce!)

Sister's noodle soup

Mom's "special of the day" I cannot remember what it was! But quite yummy.

My cousin's veggie burrito

Me and sister, nice and full!

It was a great night in the city! But I do feel for you NYC-ers because I couldn’t even get into Trader Joe’s — it actually had a LINE outside of it. Yowza!

Saturday morning, I worked out with my sister and we killed our legs with plenty of lunges and squats, as well as some Burpees. I hate/love Burpees. She just hate them, haha.

After that, we met my pops for lunch at his favorite indian restaurant in SONO (South Norwalk, CT lol) Coromandel. It did not disappoint! I made sure to steer clear of the bread and rice, but did indulge in a garbanzo battered kale leaf or two — YUMMY. My dad is apparently a VIP customer, because we literally sat down and someone brought him a glass of vino and a platter of appetizers. And we also got free dessert and bubble to celebrate my upcoming nuptials! So cool šŸ™‚

Pakoras !

Pani Poori (my favorito)

Mango Kulfi


Good times!

So, after THAT, me, sister and cousin Shil went to Lord & Taylor’s to begin the search for her maid of honor’s dress. Amazingly, I hit the sale rack and picked out a dress in her exact size, the exact right color, and perfect style, literally 5 minutes after our arrival. Here it is, only the color we got is a dark blue-green color. Beautiful.

We were pretty exhausted after shopping, especially after our big Indian feast, so we went back to my mom’s and napped before dinner at Barcelona, a delightful wine and tapas bar! Yes, I think the theme this weekend was: wedding and wine, for sure!

The eats!

Puny mixed green salad

Mushrooms sauteed in wine

Potato pancake (more like layer cake!)

Yummy B.Sprouts!

goat's milk cheese

sherry and port!

It was definitely a fun time, full of good eats!

Now I’m glad to be home, getting back on track. One of the most encouraging things that happened this weekend was all of the compliments I got! Both my mother and cousin couldn’t stop gushing over how healthy I look and how much more slender I am — this made me die of happiness! It’s given me a rush of encouragement during this final home stretch before the wedding, and I’m pumped!

šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

More tomorrow, exciting stuff!


4 thoughts on “wedding dress weekend!

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  3. Oooh you’re gonna be a stunnah I know it! Angelica is seriously one of the most consistently delicious places around. Love that cornbread and that burrito is definitely insane. Can’t wait to see pics of your upcoming wedding!

    Can’t remember if I told you but remember Sonia from CSH? She’s my roomie and she’s engaged too. šŸ™‚

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