colonics and other juicy tidbits


March 10, 2010 by Sarah S.

Good morning! How’s everyone on this fine Hump day?

As you may remember, last week I had my very first colonic. If any of you have read Natalia Rose’s books (I’m pretty sure any of them) then you know she’s obsessed with those things, and I’ve actually been *thinking* about getting one for years. Well, the stars aligned last Thursday after class, and I made my way to a spa in Brookline that advertised Natural Gravity Colon Hydrotherapy. If you’re actually interested in the process of this, you can email me and I’ll dish it; but in the interest of not being totally gross on my blog, I’ll hold off doing that here. 🙂 You’re welcome.

In a nutshell, though, I haven’t been “right” since our little jaunt to Puerto Rico, and it was truly making me blue. My skin was a mess, I felt tired all the time, despite my extremely clean diet, and it just sucked. I didn’t emerge from the spa with a miraculously thin midsection, nor did I lose 5 lbs or anything (the scale showed a dip of 1 lb), but I felt amazingly lighter and refreshed. I don’t think my tummy has ever felt so good, actually. My therapist and I had a 30 minute consultation before the procedure, during which she basically threw up her hands and said, “I wish I had more clients like you! You eat SO well!” I didn’t get any where do you get your protein?! nonsense, and she was a total fan of food combining when possible. So that was great.

Ever since my hydrotherapy, I’ve been motivated to eat even cleaner so as to keep my system feeling so light and nice. I’ve been toying around with food combining, and despite the fact that I ate out a fair amount over the weekend, I still managed to feel great and eat things that were mostly combined correctly. My tummy is super happy right now.

While at my mom’s, I took advantage of her juicer and really… turned that poor sucka out. She has an Omega Juice Extractor, which I used to have as well, and if you’re familiar with it, you may know/remember how easily it freaks out and starts a gyrating war on your countertop. It’s scary! I had to unplug it and hold it down with dish towels! Suffice to say, momma was not excited about me taking her Omega home with me for a month. Nor did I really want it, either. Clean up is a pain with it, and you have to cut the pieces into like 2 inch chunks. B-O-R-I-N-G. Luckily for me, the juice fairy was totally on my side!

I had a Breville juicer on my registry, and someone (love you!) over the weekend purchased it. It’s the wrong model, but once I saw it was purchased I pretty much ran, not walked, to the store to pick up the one I wanted. Then, a day later, the other arrived at my front door and will be returned! Perfection.

There it is, folks! The Breville Juice Fountain Plus!

My favorite feature is the little wastebasket attachment that catches all the pulp (or most of it), making it a cinch to either toss or store it for later use. It is still the same centrifuge concept as the Omega, only the big BIG difference is that the mouth is centered over the blades, instead of being off to the side, which means it doesn’t get shaken off balance as you juice. Since I got it on Monday, I’ve probably used it 10 times. I’m in love with it. All I want is juice! No produce is safe from me!

So what I’ve been doing a variation on a juice cleanse. From morning until around 5PM I drink my juice. I start off with fruit, then I move to green juices for the rest of the day. It is delicious. I feel so vibrant! My skin is happier and so is my tummy. Here are some highlights:

Green Lemonade (from Raw Food Detox Diet)

Amazingly creamy grapefruit juice

Blood orange + cucumber (tasted better than it looks!)

Delicious. For din dins, I have been digging into the most delicious squash — Buttercup! I had never heard of it. I literally just picked it up at the grocery store because it looked cool. The taste it amazing, it has a mild yam taste, but the consistency is creamier and more potato-like, and also has a faint nuttiness. I’ve been dolloping Earth Balance and a little nutritional yeast and have pretty much been in heaven.

Buttercup, earth balance and nutritional yeast

With kale juicer pulp!

So I’ve basically been killin’ it with the healthy, folks! And I have never felt better. The better I feet, the more ambitious I get, it seems. My next dress fitting is on March 21st, and I have a feeling that after that she’s going to tell me: NO MORE WEIGHT LOSS. So these next two weeks are key. I’m not as worried anymore though. I don’t hate how I look in the dress at all, and most importantly, I feel amazing, and I think that shines through.

I’ll tell you right now that I probably won’t be posting daily this week. Or rather, I’m not going to allow myself to. Spring break starts next week, and I have  a paper due Friday. Every time I get on the computer I automatically get on here and start tinkering around, regardless of the school stuff I have to do! So, in an effort to get things moving along and done, I have been shutting off my internet connection here and there so I can concentrate. Crazy, I know, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. It’s my home stretch! Gotta knock these last three classes out and then I finally graduate from college!

So, have a fabulous week, and when I do get back on here, I’ll be writing a review of some organic, vegan skincare products…. 🙂 🙂


4 thoughts on “colonics and other juicy tidbits

  1. Amanda says:

    so what happened to all the food pics you took over the weekend?

  2. Sounds like you are doing great with your health! I have the same juicer and love it. I stopped using it for a while because of the cold weather but it is time to start again!

    • mrssturgis says:

      Thanks Missy! And thanks for checkin’ out my blog. I’m totally addicted to my juicer.. it can get a little old cleaning it 7 times a day, but hey small price to pay 🙂

  3. Jessica says:

    Yay! Your attitude is fantastic & it’s awesome that you’re feeling so great!

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