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March 11, 2010 by Sarah S.

Hi bloggies! I totally lied and here I am writing a post. Well, they’ve extended the deadline for my paper until Tuesday, which may seem cool on the surface, but actually just creates a few more days of painful procrastination. Whatever!

I had a few things I wanted to talk about and I just couldn’t hold off 🙂

Last night I met HTB at a restaurant near his office to celebrate the retirement of his wonderful assistant, Carol. It’s been a minute since I’ve been out with a large group of people for dinner (around 16) and since I’m obsessed with food as per usual, I found it fascinating to see the choices people made for their meal. The gentleman sitting next to me polished off an entire meal of 20 oz short ribs with mashed potatoes, as well as 3 cocktails. He had one of those Santa guts and dark circles beneath his eyes, and as soon as dinner was over, ordered himself an aperitif. He said it goes down smoothly and once it hits the stomach, makes you feel like nothing’s in it at all. I think that none of that would have bothered me much before, but last night I was perplexed. All I could think about was how painfully congested his body must be, with all of that junk sitting in there, stagnating. Here’s the question I have to you — where do you put YOUR mind in the grand scheme of things? Clearly, preaching the vegetable gospel to everyone you love and care about isn’t an effective means of helping them. In fact, it’s pretty much the surest way to make people write you off as a looney tune. How do you strike a balance between accepting and affecting change?

Well, I don’t have these answers but I’d love to hear from you what your thoughts are. In the mean time, it has caused me to re-evaluate what I do with my family, namely HTB.

HTB doesn’t eat badly. When I first met him, 4.5 years ago, he definitely did. He was a 4 eggs and italian sausage for breakfast type of guy. Since meeting me, we’ve changed that to egg whites and turkey bacon. He does love his chicken wings and his beer and since he grew up on lots of meat and less veggies, that’s where his tastes lie. However, he is extremely adaptable and willing to try new things. This is a part of this personality that just fills me with warm gooey loveness for him. I had been thinking over the past few weeks that I wished he was eating better, more veggies, organic meats, etc. Then it occurred to me (duh) that if I wanted that for him, all I had to was make it happen. I mean, if the man will down a green goddess every morning, why wouldn’t he eat anything else I might make for him?

So I am shaping up, my friends, and taking charge of this kitchen, 1o0%! Today I got up early with HTB and made us fresh grapefruit/blood orange juice, and then made him a big plate of egg whites, organic chicken sausage, raw goat’s milk cheese, and salsa.

He gobbled it up and enjoyed it. Score one for me, because his meal didn’t contain filler/preservative/weird stuff laden turkey bacon. I also packed him up a lunch of sprouted bread with tuna salad, a green smoothie, and baby carrots and apples to snack on. This was not hard. I made a big batch of tuna so it’s simple to assemble the sammy, and I’ve got my smoothie time down to 3 mins flat by now. Best of all, I felt so GOOD sending my man off armed with all of that healthy goodness.

I also roasted an organic chicken this morning, which he can basically eat off for the next few days. With a little advance prep and planning, it’s actually not much of a to-do to get him eating healthier. This also will make me feel more at east when we do go out and he orders a basket of fried wings or ribs — at least it’s occasional and not the norm.

Next week is Spring break, which is not much of a deal for me, because I still have plenty of work to do, since I was a genius and scheduled my wedding for the middle of finals. However, since I don’t have to be anywhere next week, I figured that would be a great time to embark on a real juice cleanse. Since I juiced until dinner for 3 days and am now juicing until lunch/raw till dinner, I am not anticipating a big whoop in the change, and would really love to take my body to that next level of clean. Tell you what, that new juicer of mine is a bizzy bee! HTB is going to get me a BJs card today so that I can get cheaper, bulk organic produce and save myself some cashola. I can’t believe all the veggies and fruits I go through now! It’s crazy. What also crazy to think is that there was a time when I’d buy produce and it’d sit in the fridge until it spoiled. 😦

I feel very good these days, which is what I was trying to bring up in the title to this post. I feel lighter, happier, more focused and definitely more capable. I’m not stressing about much of anything, despite the fact that I could be, with the wedding planning and all of this school work to be done. I’m chill. I make my lists and try to carve out chunks as well as I can. If I don’t get it all, it’s ok, I’ll get it tomorrow. I’m not as preoccupied with my weight or the scale, and instead I find myself growing more confident every day. A former mantra of mine (not purposely) was that if I could just lose “x” amount of weight, my life would be great and I would be happy. I am absolutely ditching that mindset. I realize it’s going to take time to fully purge myself of it, but I am on the right track. 4 days out of 7 of feeling good about me is wonderful, 5 out of 7 is amazing — it’s the little steps forward that matter. I’m not restricting myself from anything — I just simply don’t want certain things anymore. I love the way my body feels when I put clean things into it, and I have to remember that every day. So yes,  a little lighter in the being, a lot happier in the person.

🙂 lata bloggies


One thought on “a bit lighter in the being

  1. OurPrivateKitchen says:

    Love your post. As far as preaching the gospel (I used to be a vegetarian-long story in itself-now I’m about 50% veg probably) I always waited for people to ask me questions about my choice to become vegetarian. At that point I would give my eleveator speech. My husband was very supportive and while he’d never go 100% vegetarian he always ate and enjoyed the veg meals I would cook. It’s hard to strive to eat so healthy when others around you don’t seem to care what they are putting in their bodies. Ultimately it’s their choice though. You can give them information and be an excellent role model but they need to make that concious choice. 🙂

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