rain, rain go away…


March 14, 2010 by Sarah S.

I’m pretending that the monsoon going on outside looks more like that picture, than the dark, cold, horrible disaster that is New England right now.  What a drag! HTB and I have been camping out in the big chair pretty much all weekend, watching movies, playing games and eating. And I have been doing a lot of juicing and cooking. I apologize for the mini-hitaus, but I’m back like Jack (??) and here are some updates!


Can I express how much I love thee? I’ve always hated superstores. In fact, they make me die a little. But now that I spend so much $$ on food, I really do need to try and be more cost effective. WF is lovely, but the best price on a pound of organic carrots? Not so much. I made the mistake of going on a Saturday morning (never again!) but my experience was fantastic. I was surprised to find that they have a decent organic selection, including my absolutely favey Olivia’s for baby spin and mixed greens. In huge tubs for $4. YAY. So I loaded up on the following:

  • Baby spin
  • Mixed greens
  • Organic Carrots
  • Organic celery
  • Romaine
  • Cukes
  • 2 Organic whole chickens
  • organic chicken sausage
  • Egg whites
  • Lemons
  • Purple cabbage

I spent $70 and literally got all the food I need for like, 8 days. It was wonderful, considering that getting all that stuff at WF would have cost me triple that much! Not everything is organic but I’m okay with that. So, rock on BJs, I’ll be visiting you next on a Wednesday morning. Fo’ shiz.


Sometimes it is difficult to eat veggies. Why is that, people? Why are the bulk of humanity so programmed to believe that less is more when it comes to the most natural thing to be eating? I’ve been reading a lot of posts this(last?) week about the challenges of having a healthy lifestyle when those around you aren’t in full support. I’m lucky that HTB is very supportive of me, so if I’m doing something that I believe in, he’ll usually jump on board for moral support, and he’s pretty flexible when it comes to eating. He doesn’t hate on my veggies. But some people do! I’ve gotten a whole lot of: aren’t you starving yourself? where do you get your protein? vegetables are gross though! And while I am totally complaining here, I do kind of get where this is coming from. In fact, I used to be one of those people who’d politely explain that they’d never be able to exist on a large amount of veggies. It just didn’t seem possible. I never had the willpower to eat anything but pasta and fried stuff at restaurants, and I had insatiable needs for sweets and starches. I loved to pawn off these cravings on my hormones, when in reality, I had just gone and gotten myself addicted to food-crack. Now that I’ve been eating clean for a few months, my body is really learning to chill out with that. I enjoy my dark chocolate, I enjoy my vino, and I love eating out — but I also love how my body feels when I eat right and I no longer feel like dealing with the tummy aches and heartburn that come after a bad-for-my-belly meal. That’s how I feel now. That’s where I’m at. It doesn’t mean anyone else has to be there with me, and I need to remember that. So while I can get frustrated when people don’t “get it” it’s also important to realize that I didn’t “get it” either, for a long, long time. You can’t force anyone to make lifestyle changes. I’m putting my energy into me (and HTB haha). So hate on, hatas 🙂

Spring Break

Yes, that’s next week. Big whoop, people. Normally, cool stuff happens during this week, but unfortunately for this chica, I have a huge paper to write and tons of stuff to get done around the crib. Then I gots to drive down to Philly on Friday to meet HTB for a Taylor Swift concert (SHUT UP!) and then we head to NY for our joint wedding shower. I’m also taking my pops Tux shopping and having my 2nd dress fitting. Can you say, crazy? I sure can. In order to prep myself for insanity, I’ll be juicing up a storm this week and poppin’ over to my hot yoga joint a few times to find my happy place.

Also, in good news, I tried on clothes and made a mess cleaned my closet today. I keep a closet in the 2nd bedroom with all my dresses, skirts, and dress pants/shirts. I literally haven’t worn any of the pants since 2006, which was the last time I worked in an office and… the last time I was able to button them. 🙂

Well, on a whim, I tried on a few pairs, and I am happy to say that they fit just fine! Not even muffin-toppy! Joyful times, people, joyful times! It’s like I just went shopping, for free. 🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures from the weekend of the food I ate (including a FABULOUS dinner on Friday night) and my thoughts on Alice in Wonderland, 3d. Have a great night and stay dry if you’re in the East Coast, where it’s apparently monsoon season!


2 thoughts on “rain, rain go away…

  1. Oh man, those “but where do you get your protein” questions drive me crazy!! I try to keep my cool, but sometimes I just want to tell those people that they’re going to get osteoporosis from eating so much protein– which just leaches calcium from their bodies!! But then I remember that they don’t know any better, and they are just repeating what they have learned from a TV commercial that was paid for by the meat and dairy industry. It’s frustrating, but I know I’m not going to teach them anything by getting annoyed with them. If they’re not in the middle of biting into a piece of meat, sometimes I’ll try to explain why I eat the way I do. Other times, I just let it go and save my energy! 😉

    Congrats on fitting into some old clothes! Isn’t that the BEST feeling in the world?! My sister-in-law and I lost weight together about a year ago, and since she’s about 3 inches shorter than me, I got her old “fat” clothes– which were about 2 sizes smaller than what I used to wear! It was a really fun way to get some new free clothes!

    Good luck with the juicing!! I think I may do a modified juice feast in a couple weeks, when my schedule gets a little more normal. It feels so good, doesn’t it? Especially paired with hot yoga!

  2. sophia says:

    I think the key about eating healthy and clean is just to not overdo it! It’s great that you are feeling better with pure, wholesome foods…but don’t let it turn into an obsession. I’m just saying this, because I used to be obsessed with nutrition and the likes…and it kinda ruined my life!
    But I’m sure you’re smarter than I was, and you’ll be fine. And girl, I agree. Vegetables are AWESOME! Esp roasted. Or grilled. Oooh la la!

    Aw, sorry about the horrible weather. It’s crazy hot in LA. I guess the grass is greener on the other side!

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