just another manic monday and a quick update!

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March 22, 2010 by Sarah S.

Well bloggies, we are back for 2 seconds! I didn’t realize that March was going to be so crizzy! I guess I just don’t look at the calendar as much as I ought to. I absolutely sucked with taking pictures this weekend, but my sister took plenty so I’m just waiting on those pics to arrive.

Our wedding shower was DA BOMB! So many wonderful people came out, the restaurant was awesome, and the wine was free-flowing! Unfortunately my contacts dissolved on Friday night during the Taylor Swift concert (mmhmm) so I had to wear my glasses, which I really don’t love.

The ONE bad thing that happened, had to do with all of that wine. This bride-to-be got lit up like a Christmas tree. I really mean that. 6 hours of chardonnay will do that to you. Especially with only salad and roasted veggies in the tummy! So… We get back home and someone (???) has ordered pizza, and guess what I did? I stuffed my drunky little face, that’s what! It was so great while I was doing it. It was like manna from heaven. But as soon as I laid down in bed, I got so sick. My body got very hot and it felt like there was a solid brick in my tummy. It hurt so much! I pretty much poisoned myself. Sigh.

I’m glad to be home, but unfortunately the rollin’ doesn’t stop. We are leaving for DC on Wednesday, and before then I have to write a paper and complete a science midterm. The sun has also gone away. It really feels like the party’s over! However, I’m soooo glad to be reunited with my juicer.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I can’t wait to go through the blogroll and see what you guys have been up to : )

However, I will try to finish my work before I do that. Ok, time for a little yoga and then it’s off to the races. Happy Monday!


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