the prodigal blogger returns


March 30, 2010 by Sarah S.

Good morning! It has been so long since I’ve blogged that wordpress didn’t even recognize me!

We’ve literally been traveling like it was our job (well, I guess it is HTB’s) and to be honest, I can’t IMAGINE what I was thinking when I planned to be out of town so much in March. Perhaps I thought, Oh, this wedding planning is a piece of cake, I can do it from anywhere! Yeah, sure. I’ve been so frazzled and insane over the past two weeks that even my dogs are looking at me funny!

Haha. Yes, I’ve been an evil little Bridezilla, just ask HTB (…or don’t. Please)! We finally got home on Sunday night from a trip to Maryland and New Jersey. In Maryland, HTB had an event to attend at National Harbor, which was quite fun, but not the best idea for my weight-loss crunch. You see, I was on a REALLY good roll before we left, and I did try hard to stay rolling, but…


Well, those suckas did some things to me. Namely made me stuff-face after a few of them. I did have one or two very good meals, such as this one at Rosa Mexicana:

a salad with every veggie they had + guac

And I made myself a big gallon jug of Green Goddess, froze it, and brought it with me to Maryland. It traveled well, and since we try to stay at Residence Inns as much as possible, we did have a kitchen. Unfortunately, the Green Goddess only stayed Goddess liked for two mornings. After that, it was a step above sludge (the bad kind) so I had to nibble on the fruit for breakfast instead. Which was ok! I also brought along my yoga mat and a Rodney Yee and Jillian Michaels yoga DVD.

I have no idea why she would put something as inane as “Lose up to 5 lbs a week!” on this DVD, but hey, as we know, Jillian has been a little on the controv side lately with her gimmicks. This is NOT your typical yoga DVD. Moving from Rodney to this was like being splashed with ice cold water. As you can imagine if you are familiar with her, it was not at all relaxing or focused on bringing your inner self into a peaceful state by tiring your physical body, ending in a wonderful release in a Savasana pose, where you basically melt into the ground and relax for a few minutes. SORRY! Oy vey. She couldn’t be less relaxing, nor could she have bastardized the principles of yoga more, BUT… she sure provides a serious workout. I was sweating bullets and even HTB (who popped back into the room when I was about 3/4’s of the way through) remarked that at some point he’d have to try yoga because it looked really intense. Well, it was, and I am continuing to do the DVD because I think it’ll really target some areas I want to tone for my dress. However, for my sanity and peace of mind, I start my day with Rodney:

On Friday we drove two hours to New Jersey to visit HTB’s adorable 89 year old Grammy and his parents (who were also visiting). Of course, because people are not food, why would I pull out my camera?! Ugh. I promise next time to capture cute pictures of Grammy Violet, because she’s really the cutest ever. We had a nice visit, despite the lapses in eating that occurred (hey, can’t win ’em all, right?). Then of course, we drove BACK to Maryland on Sunday to catch our flight. I’m not sure if I had mentioned it before or not, but after the wedding we are moving to Maryland. At this point, it looks like we’re focusing on the area near National Harbor, Fort Washington. HTB, financial whiz that he is, may have figured out how we can actually get our dream house so… stay tuned. 🙂 Any bloggies in the DC area?

It’s been raining so much since we’ve been home, yesterday was REALLY tough for me. It’s always hard to get back into the swing after being away for a while and bad weather just doesn’t help! However, I did get my @$$ out of bed, hit Jillian’s mean yoga mat, and then braved the waterfalls for a trip to BJs and the supermarket to restock the kitchen. For whatever reason, I had absolutely NO appetite yesterday. Perhaps it was because I hate so poorly on Saturday and Sunday? I just don’t know. Nothing sounded good, except cookies, so I kind of putzed around until dinner time. I made an AMAZINGLY nice roasted chicken for him. I mean that, AMAZINGLY. My best ever! I finally figured out how to make a good one — don’t overcook it!

HTB  loved it and agreed it was my best. So yay for me. I also sauteed some kale, which was on sale at BJs! Another SCORE!

I was going to steam some broccoli for me, but the kale tasted so good, I had some of that instead:

With marinara and a mountain of goat’s milk cheddar. MMMMMMMMMMM.

So yesterday I got a lot of organizing done. I cleaned the casa, figured out wedding stuff, and now today I must sit my butt down for some serious school work. Class is at 3, so I’ve got some time. I’ve also got quite the headache and I’m not sure why, but when I feel a little hungry I’ll have my first fresh juice since Wednesday! I’m very excited about that, as I’m sure my body is. We is cravin’ some essentials I think.

I hope everyone is doing well! And wish me luck for these next two weeks, because peeps, I’m gonna need it!



One thought on “the prodigal blogger returns

  1. I was really curious about Jillian’s new yoga dvd– I figured it would be pretty torturous! I’ll have to try that someday, when my legs aren’t already screaming from my Physique 57 dvd’s! Ha ha.

    You’re in the final stretch! Good luck with all the wedding planning, and enjoy! It seriously FLIES by, so make sure you take it all in! 😀

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