where did the week go?


April 1, 2010 by Sarah S.

Yesterday was such a weird day. Even though we went to bed at a decent hour, I was SO sleepy in the morning. I basically got up, let the dogs pee, packed HTB’s lunch, and got back into bed, all without completely opening my eyes. There’s no logical explanation for my exhaustion!

When I did finally join the land of the living, it was time to meet my friend Pat for coffee. I hadn’t seen her in …ages, like 2009 ages, so we had a lot to get caught up on. Her first remark was: are you ok? Look at your hair and your nails aren’t done. I’ve never seen you without your nails done ever! And yes, I did look a hot mess yesterday, and I haven’t gotten my nails done in… many moons. It kind of reflects the chaos lately. We caught up and then I hit the nail salon, and got my fakeys on (aka pink & whites). I don’t normally wear them, but I am for the wedding because I don’t want to have to worry about chips. Since they last for about two weeks, I got them yesterday and will get a fill on the Tuesday before we leave for San Juan. Should be fine and dandy. It feels weird to type with nails though!

the new claws

Anyway, back to how weird my body felt yesterday. I didn’t feel like eating anything, which is highly untypical for me. The only thing I could fathom eating was a couple pieces of sprouted toast. I didn’t have my veggie juice or even a big salad, which was probably a big mistake. I’m sure all of those good enzymes would have made me feel more alive.

Today, in order to make up for yesterday, I got an early start to my day and definitely kicked it off with a big old green juice:

  • 6 stalks kale
  • 1 cuke
  • 1 heart romaine
  • ginger
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 granny smith apple
  • handful of spinach

It was delicious and refreshing! Although I’m honestly still dragging a bit. I’m waiting on that promised sunshine but it sure is taking its time. I’ve already gotten some major things done today like:

  • One of my papers
  • Email to realtor

And I’ve still got this to do:

  • Yoga
  • errands (dog food and goat’s milk cheddar namely)
  • cook dinner
  • class reading
  • class

Bleh. I’m going to FORCE myself to have a great big salad with avocado for lunch, and cook up a butternut squash for din dins. I really need to get my body back on a good schedule, I feel all over the place and weird, and two weeks before my wedding is not the time for that!

It honestly feels otherworldly that the wedding is so close. When we first booked the date, April 17th 2010 seemed like eons away, and now… BAM, right next door. All of those little things that I always thought I could put off til next week actually have to be done now. I’m trying not to be evilicious though. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress and craziness and forget the whole point — that I’m marrying the man I love with all my family and friends around us. So what if the hotel is screwing up the group list? So what if the flowers aren’t perfect and some random thing doesn’t go exactly as I had envisioned it? I have to remember that I purposely planned this wedding to look more like a big party than a formal wedding affair. And like any good party, all you really need are: good people, food, booze, and good music. All the rest is icing on the three-tiered, buttercream filled cake. 🙂

Sammy Says…


He’s really good at it.

Have a great Thursday!!!


One thought on “where did the week go?

  1. Pretty nails! Being an illustrator, I never have pretty hands! My wedding was definitely an exception, and it feels so fun to get your hands pampered!

    Hope you can enjoy the time before your wedding– it sounds like you have a good outlook! The important stuff WILL happen! You’ll be married, and you’ll have an awesome party!

    Butternut squash sounds awesome… that might have to happen this week for me, too!

    Good luck with everything! 😀

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